Monthly Archives: November 2012


I do because paper and pencil do not judge me.
I do because these things will never become corrupted.
So, don’t tell me how to do it.
Because once I do it, I am no more myself, but you.
Do not kill the individuality inside.
Unlearn the teachings,
Disobey the rules,
And embrace the consequences
That is what is life all about
If you want to say
“Yes, I have lived” in your last breath.


The point

is that;
they are unhappy,
and never will be,
in front of you.
They just don’t want
to let you know
that they are happy.
The beauty is not
on their face.
It is between your heart
and eyes.
But they never notice it
and, you don’t notice
that your heart and eyes
can be wrong

A lot of things to say

There are a lot of things to say to people.
When I am high with my drug – music.
I have got something to tell them, too.
But I am afraid of them. I am afraid of conscious consumer suing me.