Monthly Archives: January 2013


If the dogs knew,
how to write
they would be the best at poems.
If the trees knew,
how to read
best poems would be read in the windy days
If we could give life to death
we would not need a God
If we knew
what is life all about
there would not be
too many ifs

Yazarın Çevirisi

Eğer Bilseydi köpekleryazmayı
şiirlerin en iyileri gelirdi onlardan
Eğer Okuyabilseydi ağaçlar
rüzgarlı günlerde okunurdu o şiirler
Verebilseydik eğer ölüye hayatı
Aramazdık Tanrıyı
Ve olmazdı bu kadar çok “eğer”
bilseydik hayatın
neden ibaret olduğunu.



uncorrupted, generous lands

Once in a while
freehand opinions, inspirations
and some good feelings
are given
to the uninvited guests
to never have been-ones

And yet
Cheapest sufferings
are presented in the museums
white diseases
are studied in the labs
of Africa

I want to see the day
when the groups of dumb people
and individuals
replace the words of poverty
in their writings, speeches and lyrics
with the ones
that will cure mental illness
of mankind
who has a lot of self-esteem
to destroy other lives
remind them that
life in these lands mean
more than
their freedom of speech
their declarations
their foundations
their jobs
their status
, and The Ends.

3,2,1… Kayıt

bu gerçek
rol değil
neden yalana ağlar
hüzünlenirsin de
gerçek olana
güler geçersin?
yok sa sen de mi
rol icabı
Duygusuz, kalpsiz
taş gibisin.
bir simetriden ibaretsin
kalbine ulaşmış