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We will forget about ourselves
We will become someone else

With self-confidence
Enthusiasm and positive attitudes
We will fake it to make it

In three business days



Bazen evin dış kapısıdır

unutulmaz yolculukların


Ayakkabı bağlarıdır

seni anılara bağlayan

sana geçmişi hatırlatan

O yüzden

küçümsememeli insan

hiçbir zaman

ne küçük yolculuklar yaptığı

küçük otobüsleri

ne de sürekli çözülen

ayakkabı bağcıklarını

Raw Poetry


It is a contagious disease


Inside of every buses

there are finger prints

of hands

of lovers

on the pipes you hold

to stand straight up

Do you smell

the same smell of the air

reminding you

of early mornings

before work or before school?


this is the song

once were melting

inside our mouths

before or after a kiss

Love is a contagious disease

And you will never know

whether your are getting better

or worse than ever

when you become seized by

or recovered from

“Love”, he said –

“is something,


You may have


Who knows where!?”



I don’t read writers

who write fictions

sometimes they kill the good guys

to show the bitter turth of life

sometimes mostly they kill the bad guys

and let the good ones win

what a boring way to end a story

a big lie, repeating itself

imagination is cute

but the life is  I want the truth

surrounded with truth


Yaşar Kemal’den
okumak gibi

Suyu ilk defa
tatmak gibi mesela

İlk cigaradır bazen

Hatta, hayal kurabildiğin
ilk dokuz aydır sanki

Şu askerlik


My dear island

My burial yard

There I left

Old memories

For rest