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Second Try

I think I am finally learning

how to write a poetry

You just write it as it is

a glass of

handmade wine

came from hundreds of kilometers away

Drinking it with a very young friend of mine

a childhood friend -very close-

she drops the glass and the carpet is full of wine

Then begs for mine

Not to forget

the classical music

plays silently

Everything tastes sour tonight

the memories

the music

and the wine




sometimes they die

and  sometimes

they die alive

and the rest

what was left

loses its meaning

for a while


A Cranberry

Scream of the woman
Scream for help
Does the death care about it?
It’s just the way it is
And it has been always
since the life began
It ends and re-starts
Who is the next Dolores
screams for help
as she sings?

the wine effect

The light burns
The flee earns its income
from the trees
outside of my window
I did not love
I did not call
the wall
with its inspection
and obvious turn
I insist on never return
come to me
my life

– After some months –

This is the proof of alchocols not being working on me

An option

Being truthful

as white as a blank paper

is a costly manner

it is like being a page

left blank intentionally

in a novel

being truthful

as white as a blank paper

is like being an option

and you are alone

waiting the next chapter

to be brought upon




First and Last

A day of fall,
hazel leaves
dropping down
A book in my hand
maybe Jack London –
a guy working in an apple orchard
A bench hidden by the leaves
and I
walk towards it
to sit
A girl comes on
with drawings
her own
to sit
that’s it
How I did
write the first
and the last time
about her
in her tongue

Hayat Dansı (LIFEDANCE by C. Bukowski) – Çeviri Denemesi

Beyin ile
duyguların arasındaki boşluk
binbir şekle girer

Kimileri tüm akıllarını yitirip
duygu olur, delirirler
Kimileri tüm duygularını yitirip
akıl olur, entellektüel olurlar
Kimileri ise her ikisini de yitirip
kabul olurlar

Charles Bukowski